The Lonely Life Of Being A Mum

The parts you aren't prepared for ......

The Lonely Life Of Being A Mum

Everyone told you it would be brilliant

Before you have that little bundle in your arms and you are out looking at prams and moses baskets the world of having a new born is a total unknown. All you can think about is the smiling little one who is about to be part of your family. You think your days will be filled with sleeping when baby does, lots of visitors to make cups of tea for and wonderful walks in the sunshine.

Reality hits

When your child arrives there is absolutely no feeling like it. There is no way on earth you were prepared for the level of tiredness you are feeling right now. The visitors don’t actually last for that long and the time to sleep when baby does actually makes you laugh now because it just doesn’t happen.

That lonely feeling lasts for a long long time

Being at home on your own during maternity leave is actually something that no one prepares you for. If you have a partner and they go out to work then those hours from 8am -6pm can feel like 3 days and an eternity. Believe us when we say we totally understand. Life as a mum, parent or carer can be extremely lonely.

You rarely get a break

Popcat’s was started by a mum who knew exactly what it was like to have long and lonely days. It was started by someone who knew what it was like to have little money and babies to entertain. It was started by someone who would have LOVED a hot drink and a listening ear at the end of a music class. Popcat’s ticks all of those boxes because the person who invented it has been there and bought 3 t shirts.

You are always welcome at Popcat’s

Popcat’s is like a familiar blanket or place, once you are there you can feel like it’s home. It’s a happy and relaxed setting run by women who get it! They understand the sleep deprivation feeling of utter exhaustion, the forgetting your keys and purse feeling and even your own name! The classes are full of parents and carers who feel the same and that’s a good feeling.

At Popcat’s we understand what it’s like and we run all our classes for free until your baby is 6 months old. If that sounds good to you then find your nearest class here.