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    We Want You!

    Why would we be so bold as to say 'we want you!'? Well if you have come this far and you have clicked on the Franchises Available section then that says a lot about you. If you clicked on this section then you have made a great decision! At Popcat's we are happy to answer any questions, have a friendly chat about what our franchise agreement looks like and even share important figures and our companies growth (subject to signing a confidentiality agreement). We don't bite in fact quite the opposite. We are a friendly and welcoming team of teachers, teaching assistants, actors and accountants who have left stressful careers and are now loving life! Keep on reading if you are curious about a future with us. Keep on reading if you want to enjoy teaching without any stress. There are exciting opportunities to own your own business all over the UK.


    If you are someone who loves working with childrent and are looking to change your career or start something new then why not consider joining Popcat’s Music Time?

    If you can answer yes to the following questions then Popcat’s could be the business for you! We always advise an informal chat regarding this exciting opportunity so why not get in touch today @ franchise@popcats.co.uk


    Are you tired of being stressed out in your current job?

    Do you have a passion for working with young children and or older people?

    Do you have teaching experience or a background in education?

    Are you a teacher or teaching assistant?

    Do you have a good singing voice and a confident personality?

    Do you have time and sufficient finances to commit to a new business?

    Do you have your own transport?

    Would you love to run your own business?


    If you have answered YES to the above questions then why not ask about joining our amazing and fun filled business?


    Each successful franchisee will receive:

    • Extensive training and ongoing support
    • A complete set of equipment for 25 children in a class and absolutely everything needed to start running busy Popcat classes and parties
    • A business that is fully supportive every step of the way
    • A detailed and comprehensive handbook complete with all knowledge to run successful Popcat classes
    • Thorough instructions and support about running a business and keeping records
    • An exclusive postal territory* for their classes.

    *All territories are based on out codes (the first part of a post code). For example CH44 and CH45 are two Popcat's territories.


    What can Popcat's offer you?

    • A business that fits in brilliantly around family life
    • the perfect solution for a teacher change of career
    • extensive training enabling you to feel confident in your class and party leader role
    • ongoing team meetings with other franchisees
    • training with social media promotion of the brand and your classes
    • free evenings and weekends and time to spend with your family
    • the reassurance that your business can work
    • so much support and the knowledge that you are running your own successful business
    • most importantly we really do guarantee fun for the right class leader.



    Financial details

    Our franchise package is very attractive and includes everything you need to get you off to a flying start.

    Franchise areas are available currently from £7200* Affordable payment plans are available starting at £4200.

    More detailed information with regards to costs will be given to the potential franchisee during the franchise process.

    *we have links to options of affordable loans to set up your business.



    What do our franchisees say?


    Jemma runs West Wirral classes and has done for 6 years

    Owning a Popcat’s franchise is the best of both worlds in business - I run a small manageable but very profitable business, with no employees, and the support of a brilliant franchise manager and a fabulous team. The business structure is already in place, so I just get to do the fun stuff and run my classes each day!


    Emma runs classes in Warrington

    I purchased the WA5 Popcat's franchise just over 2 months ago with no prior business experience. Whilst I was confident in my ability to deliver the sessions, I was quite anxious about the business and marketing side of things. Catherine and Jess have been so supportive; I honestly couldn't have wished for more!

    Before beginning my sessions, I received in depth training which included everything that I needed from session structure and delivery to the ins and outs of business and social media marketing. The support doesn't stop there either; Catherine and Jess are always on hand to answer any questions and we have a termly team meeting too. I'm now feeling much more confident, just 2 months in. What I have really loved is the supportive network that is provided by other more experienced Popcat franchise owners. We're all in a group chat together and this provides a great source for advice and further support.

    From a financial point of view, I made a small profit in month one and my numbers have continued to grow in month two - I started by delivering just 3 sessions per week and due to popular demand, I'm now running 4 sessions per week and I'm beginning to get interest from Nursery settings and parents hosting parties for their little ones.

    My work-life balance is incomparable to before I took the Popcat's leap and to be completely honest, it just doesn't feel like 'work'!



    Claire runs classes in Neston Cheshire

    I first discovered Popcat’s as a Mum and loved the classes. The Pay as you Go aspect suited me as it was so flexible and the classes were such fun and value for money. I loved watching my little boy grow and get different pleasures at each age- from the bubbles and lights, to cuddling the animals, to counting time ten and finally singing and dancing to all of the songs. As a Primary School teacher, I recognised how valuable the structure and repetition was for him and how many aspects of learning were covered within the class. Feeling jaded about teaching, I decided to make the leap and buy my own franchise of Popcat’s. I love having my own business whilst benefiting from the support and hand holding of Catherine and the other class leaders. We are a strong team. A pandemic might not have been the best time to start my own business but I have no regrets. I love running classes and bringing joy to lots of little ones and every day makes me smile. I get to pick my son up from school every day and don’t have that Sunday night feeling anymore! I’m definitely happier in myself and who wouldn’t be getting to do the Hokey Cokey everyday! Thank you for having me Catherine.


    Emma loves running her own business

    I took Popcat’s to Deeside back in April 2022 buying the CH5 Postcode, I can’t believe it’s been two months since my Popcat’s adventure began and I simply wouldn’t look back.

    I was familiar with the class dynamics and felt confident that I would be able to run the sessions having taken my little boy since he was a baby however, setting up on your own having had no previous business background or experience I sat on the fence for a short while and originally wasn’t due to begin classes till September 2022….enter Catherine and Jess and a whole plethora of support from both them and now, fellow Franchisees and I was sold!

    The support hasn’t ended there. From that moment onwards the backing from the Popcat’s team, assistance from the Director with set up and full training on class structure, social media marketing and the business side of things has been second to none. You are never alone, both Catherine, Jess and the other girls are on hand offering a great network and source of support and advice whenever I may need it.

    I find myself now being a happier person to live with and be around for my little family as well as my Popcat’s classes thriving in just a short few weeks with additional sessions to my current 3 a week in the pipeline for the very near future!

    Take the Leap, you will reap the rewards of which there are many! 😊



    Hollie runs classes in Northwich and started during the pandemic

    Hi my name is Hollie, I was an early years teacher for 13 years. I am a mum to three amazing children, Lilia, George and Matilda, the best job in the world! When I was teaching I felt I was helping everyone else’s children and letting mine down, because I never had enough time in the day, then I made a big decision to leave teaching

    I joined Popcat’s in January 2021, just as lockdown struck! The beginning of my adventure started on zoom and I absolutely loved every minute of it. Then restrictions lifted and I didn’t realise how much more I could love my job. Popcat’s has changed not only my life, but my whole family. I have never been happier and I have never looked back.


    Sophie has just re signed her agreement

    Who wouldn’t want to have their afternoons free to be spent doing what they want! Joining Popcat’s has given me a wonderful work/life balance which means that I’m home by 1.30pm most afternoons! Running your own business comes with hard work and determination to succeed but if you are prepared to put the work in it will pay off. When I decided to take a side step from secondary teaching I knew I still wanted to work with children, Popcat’s has allowed me to form wonderful relationships with families who attend classes and has allowed me to use my skills as a teacher to deliver engaging, educational and fun sessions for children. I’m very proud of the business I have built up and feel very honoured that parents/carers choose to return to my classes time after time.


    Laurie runs classes in Bebington and Bromborough

    I have been a Popcat’s class leader now for just over 2 years and 18 months of that was during Covid-19 but I can honestly say I would sign up again in a heartbeat beat! The support I receive from Catherine and the team is amazing, I never feel alone.

    Popcat's changed my life and gave me and my family our happiness back again! The only thing I regret is not signing sooner than I did.



    Laura runs classes in Runcorn

    I can't believe this much fun is my job now! Sat in the car after my taster class and I am stunned at how much I loved it.




     Territories currently available:

    • Wirral: No availability
    • Chester: No availability
    • Liverpool: No availability
    • West Cheshire
    • Nationwide: Hereford (HR4 and HR2) not available. Manchester M20 not available.

    We have relevant data ready for anyone wanting to come on board which focuses on halls to hire in the area, populuation and earnings. When you become part of the team you certainly are not left to get on with it!


    If you think Popcat's could be the business for you then please click on our link below and you will have access to our prospectus today!


    Send an email over to us if you would like a friendly chat about our opportunities to franchise@popcats.co.uk

    We would love to hear from you.


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    We are very proud to be fully accredited members of the CAA. The CAA is a not for profit organisation that gives parents and carers peace of mind knowing their chosen children's activity has signed up to a comprehensive code of practice.

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    How exciting that we are the Lux Life Education Franchise of the year 2022!

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