The Joys Of The Changing Bag

Everything but the kitchen sink

Suddenly it’s time to leave the house, you’ve been stuck in since she arrived but now it’s time to actually take that huge step and leave your comfort zone. Inside that changing bag is everything you will need for the day. What actually do you need for the day? Where will you end up going to? What happens if all your spare clothes and nappies run out (yes it’s happened to us all!)

Emergency kit

When it comes to the contents of a changing bag there are certainly some essentials to include such as nappies, several changes of clothes, tissues, wipes (environmentally friendly of course) and milk if you are feeding a baby. Mums and dads can get hungry too so an extra couple of snacks especially if you are feeding are a must!

When something gets left at home

Ok so you get to your nearest Popcat’s class or a playgroup and your bag hasn’t been restocked or is missing nappies. What on earth do you do? Your little one is fully engaged in the class and you’ve already paid the class leader or organiser. Every single parent in that room will have done exactly the same thing as you at least once. Every single parent knows exactly how you are feeling. You have three choices; 1: you grab your child and the empty bag and run out the door, 2: you suffer in silence knowing that soon your little one will want changing and you won’t be able to do it or 3: you ask for some help from a nearby mum or carer. You’d be surprised how much other mums are happy to help you. After all everyone knows how you feel, they’ve all done the same.

Life without the huge bag

One day after having to carry the world and his wife with you every single day you won’t need that bag anymore. A small handbag will once again carry all that you need. Cherish the days when everything you need is strapped to your back and who knows one day a mum who doesn’t have any nappies with her or a spare change of clothes may look at you with desperation and you’ll be able to pay it forward.

Smiling faces at Popcat’s

Popcat’s is somewhere that always has a smile, whether it’s a forgotten changing bag or purse (don’t worry we accept bank transfers) or something else, we will always have a welcoming smile to offer you. We even give nice hugs! So if you are stressed about leaving your changing bag behind then don’t because our class leaders are amazing and will always do their best to help you when you arrive at their class.

Please spread the word that our classes are free until your baby is 6 months old. If that sounds good to you then find your nearest class here.