Rough with the Smooth

It seems only fitting to look back at the year we have had and think about the positives as well as the negatives. At Popcat’s we want to focus on the highlights and leave any stress behind. It’s important to see what has actually happened during this blur of a year! What are the moments that have really made us smile and laugh out loud? Let us share them with you!

We started off 2020 with a fresh optimism in our hearts with so much joy and the year did start off brilliantly! In February we even signed up a brand new franchisee, Eve, who would then start in September in CH3. This quickly followed by Claire who was ready for a change from teaching too and signed up for CH64 (our final Wirral postcode). The year was looking ever so bright. More good news came and in October we found our third incredible teacher for a brand new area, Northwich!

March came along and so did covid19. Who would have thought that something could be so destructive to so many businesses? Popcat’s had to stop overnight which devastated us all; parents, carers, class leaders and the whole team. We did however then start a journey which involved one word; survival!

So what did we do? Well first things first we stayed visible and went onto social media with daily live Popcat’s sessions. We couldn’t use music as it was copyright so we sang and danced our hearts out in our own original style. Facebook live sessions eventually moved onto Zoom and we had a chance to bring our music back.

After what seemed like a long road we were able to return to our beloved venues in September all be it with a lengthy risk assessment, covid compliant documents galore and 100 phone calls with Environmental Health The road wasn’t smooth though as classes had to return to online due to a national lockdown. However, we survived and we live to see a brand new year!

So what does 2021 hold for Popcat’s? It holds excitement, the unknown and a team that is stronger than ever. We have come together and worked tirelessly to bring Popcat’s through a turbulent year which could quite easily have destroyed us. We really are now the cats who have got the cream!