It's Party Time!

by Jess Harrison



My little one’s birthday is approaching and I don’t know where to start with the party– Help!!! 

Organising parties can be stressful whether it’s yours, your partners, your granny’s but there always feels a little extra pressure when it’s your little one’s – you want to get it just right!  


To theme or not to theme? 

This is a really useful starting point and can influence the direction of all parts of the party. It’s really easy if they have a favourite tv or book character, animal, sport, even colour! It also helps guests to know what to buy as a present! Invitations can also be sent digitally now, easier to manage and keep account of who has replied when it’s all on your phone!   


What time or day is best? 

This will depend greatly on who you are planning to invite. If it’s mainly family and close friends then a weekend will work best so people are more likely to be off work and able to come. Remember nap times when thinking about the time – obviously things have to flex but you don’t want your little one missing most of the party being asleep, or even worse being really unsettled as they are so overtired! If it’s in the week just remember some parents may need to do the school runs whenthinking about times.   



This is always a stressy area, hot or cold, do we have to go really healthy, am I feeding the adults as well? Do what feels right for you. If you time the party between 2 and 5, then everyone will have had lunch and be going home for tea so they don’t need a proper meal- crafty hey! Pinterest is agreat place for children’s food ideas, why is it that they’ll eat that egg sandwich when its cut in a star shape, when they normally look like you’re trying to poison them! Remember to ask parents to let you know about any allergies on the invitation. Adults will generally be happy with crisps and nibbles, and usually end up finishing off their child’s plate, come on you know you’ve done it!!   


The dreaded goody bag 

This is another part that cancause a few headaches. There are so many ready made up options now available onthe internet and even some eco-friendly plastic free ones with things likelovely wildflower seed bombs in! Bubbles are always a favourite, things that they can actually do something with. I’m very guilty of bulk buying plastic toys in the past that I’m sure went straight into the bin when they got home! A very good time to think quality not quantity and don’t waste money just to fill the bag! Make the cake pieces chunky!!   



This will depend very much on the age. One of my son’s favourite parties was a craft party, or was it actually just my favourite of his parties! Pass the Parcel will never grow old and by the time they’re 10 you may have just perfected the timings of stopping the music so they all get a prize! Parties can actually be a little overwhelming for many children and this is where having some familiar structure can help, so why not ask your Popcat’s leader about having a Popcat’s party! You know howmuch they love their sessions and they will be guaranteed to have as much fun as usual!