Joy is not on hold

Times are certainly strange aren’t they? Before we even leave the house these days we do the usual check of keys, bag, children oh and mask! We didn’t think we would ever see the day when we would sound like Batman before we attempted to go anywhere! For now, our lives are very different and not for the better. Our carefree, once taken for granted freedoms, have been cruelly snatched away from us due to the c word of, dare we say it...covid!

Times have not only changed for us in our homes with our families but sadly in the world of children’s classes and activities. Where we were once the, drop in joy of relaxed numbers attending, we are now pre book only. We were all about gorgeous soft handmade toy animals, peekaboo scarves and parachutes. Now we can’t use any of those bright and vibrant props and visually stimulating elements which really does break our hearts. Our social time has even been compromised by the reduction of hot drinks at some venues.

As a business with children at the heart of everything we have ever done, we have struggled to accept that the classes we adore and have created have had to change. The world as we know it is on hold and we have had to put some things on hold too. The joy however is not on hold! We have refused to roll over and be defeated by covid because we are a strong and resilient team. We have been able to adapt and move in a direction that at first seemed extremely difficult.

The feedback we have received since returning has been tremendous and overwhelmingly positive. Even though we have to insist on face coverings and very little in the way of props and movement; we have been able to create a world which provides some much needed escapism. So we will keep on dancing, smiling and being our jovial selves. Popcat’s is here to stay and we will not be beaten by the covid world that is becoming our new normal! We even have a new member of the team joining us for classes in Northwich in January 2021!