Hot Coffee

Time to slow down



Since March we have been living in very strange times, a time which none of us could ever have imagined possible. How many of us ever thought we would be indoors so much with our children, other halves and pets? Lockdown for so many has meant days of endless tidying, cleaning up spillages, breaking up constant arguments and looking for the remote control in some kind of groundhog day nightmare.


This certainly isn’t what we signed up to is it? We are okay with summer holidays and all the other half terms, normally we can visit places and go inside. With a pandemic though it certainly isn’t that easy. Even the zoo was off limits and the swimming pools not to mention our beloved music and movement groups or soft play! How many of us woke up every day and just felt like it was the same mundane routine all over again where the most exciting decision was whether to switch on the Joe Wicks workout or Cosmic Kids!


Our mind set during those long days was hit the hardest and smiling through it all was on some days the most challenging time of our lives. Questions seemed to swim around our heads 20 hours a day. Are my children getting too much screen time or not enough fresh air? Are they eating too much sugar? How can I live up to Mrs B on Facebook because her children are making fresh bread and learning how to crochet? What if my children can’t remember any letters in September?


Our children missed out on so much but they gained more. They gained time, they got to slow down and not rush round to 20 after school clubs a week. They got to wake up and taste their breakfast without it being gobbled down so they could race off to before school club. We got to drink hot coffee, sit amongst the mess and actually not care so much. Looking back on this time has hopefully helped us to appreciate that life was so rushed before all this. Hopefully it’s helped us to slow down, drink the hot coffee and actually take it in when our children ask us to look at what they have drawn or a new dance move they have made up.


Our Popcat’s classes are back now even if they are a little different to what they were before all this. We have never appreciated the social interaction more than we do now and we know that you have missed the routine of the classes just like we all have. The booking links are listed under ‘Timetable Details and Booking’ on our website if you would like to join us again for some fun.