Why Choose a Franchise?

I’m not happy in my job! There must be more to life than feeling like this!


 Are you working in education and the Sunday night blues are getting worse?  

Are you due to go back to work after maternity leave and dreading it? 

Do you want to leave but just don’t know what else you could do? 

Owning your own Popcat’s Franchise could be the answer. 

Why buy a franchise and not just set your own business up? 

Not all of us have THE idea that we could turn into a business,not everyone is destined to be on The Apprentice and that is totally fine. That doesn’t mean that you can’t run your own business though and that is where franchises are perfect!  

· You are given a proven, successful business model and structure that you can just pick up and run with.  

· You have the Franchisor as your own personal business mentor to help you start up and make your business as successful as it can be, your success is their success! 

· You have your fellow Franchisees who are there to support you and know exactly what you are going through as they’ve been there, done it and have the branded t’shirtto prove it! 

· You are given support with all areas of the business – social media, marketing, whati nsurance you need – everything! 

· By being a business owner, you are free to work the hours you want, the days you want and as much or as little as you want within the franchise agreement! You are the boss!   

There is more to life than feeling stressed all the time! The days of one career path that we have to follow no matter what are also over! You can make a change and you won’t regret it! Have a read how one of our Franchisees Claire feels about her move from attending Popcat’s classes to running them!   

"This photo reminds me of my anxiety with a new born. I cried just after this was taken as didn’t think I could meet my NCT friends with our new babies,I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! (Nobody does!) But I put my best foot forward and went and was so glad I did! I vowed to always get out and see my friends no matter how hard. (Which is why I have such empathy for mums duringlockdown- you had it so tough and are amazing!)


Popcat’s was the class I generally went to with just my baby. I didn’t want to chat to other mums just have the headspace to have a moment to gather my thoughts while someone else was enthusiastic! As he got older I still enjoyed Popcat’s, mainly just the two of us as I loved to watch him develop.  I hope I now create the same space for you. Whether you’re with friends and want a chat, on your own and want me to entertain or enjoying special 1:1 time you are all so welcome at my classes. Yes I love the joy and fun I have with your children but I want to be here for you, which is why as well as learning your little ones names I try to remember yours too! (and I’m even learning how you like your tea and coffee!)  

Thank you for joining Popcat and me! 

Love Claire"



Does this speak to you? If so get in touch and have a chat with Catherine (Mrs Popcat) about how you could join the family! franchise@popcats.co.uk