The Love Of A Book

A moment to share

Life is now full of screens, technology and everything is so fast paced. We can scroll past anything we aren’t interested in, make an image larger just by using our fingers and we can even walk around with our faces glued to screens without interacting with anyone. Are we living though or just existing?

Books are the most beautiful thing in this world of screen time and live interaction. Books are something to cherish and share, enjoy alone or indeed read to a little one. There really are very few moments in life that bring so much joy.

What kind of books do you love to share with your children and grandchildren? For us it is always a classic from Roald Dahl, a beautiful and very simple book entitled ‘Hug’, or a funny poem. We love to squash into an old chair with a blanket and get lost in the magic of words. Our children adore that special time with us and appreciate the fact that our phones are totally out of sight and mind. Books can bring back special memories of our own childhoods, of times when we indeed snuggled down with our parents and grandparents. It’s important to keep those memories alive for our own children.

At Popcat’s our main focus is always on music and movement however at the end of every session we always finish with a story. The babies and children sit and take in every word whilst gathered on our story mats. It’s a beautiful moment to treasure after a busy class.

Instead of reaching for your phone or putting on the television why not take a book from the shelf and give your little one a memory that will last forever. Books are joyful and can bring a much needed moment of stillness in a very fast moving world.