From Primary Teacher to Popcat's

Stress free days are here again

My dream was to teach since I was 8 years old. Nothing else ever came close, nothing ever turned my head it was teaching or nothing else. I got my first teaching job in September 1999 and I was ecstatic, I could only get a 0.5 teaching post so I ran all over the Wirral teaching half days of supply at any opportunity. I was in my element!

After my first year of teaching I secured my first full time post teaching year 5 and even though it was hard work, the rewards outweighed the stress. I absolutely loved the role and all the demands that came with it.

At around 6 years into my teaching career things started to change, the pressures became more and more. Teachers stopped going into the staff room as much and timetables became tighter. We were being asked to cram more lessons in each week and things weren’t quite as rosy. My first daughter was born in 2005 and I noticed my stress levels increasing.

By the time my third daughter was close to being born I knew I wouldn’t be returning to my job once my maternity leave was over. I felt exhausted, broken and a shell of the teacher I once was. I was miserable and extremely stressed. I left my permanent full time position and when my daughter was 7 months old I started to take on short term supply roles. I adored supply, I was teaching again and leaving at the end of each school day feeling a wonderful sense of job satisfaction. Life was good again.

However, the breakfast and after school club fees, the very early starts and the late finishes were starting to creep back in. I simply did not want this lifestyle any longer, I wanted to break free. So that’s exactly what I did. Popcat’s was born in September 2014 and I have honestly never looked back.

My business is for pre -school children and the classes are simple, easy to run and absolutely still involve teaching. When I designed the classes I wanted to incorporate the 7 areas of learning, routine, amazing and lively music and an essential social time for all parents and carers.

In 2016 I franchised the business and to date there are 7 franchisees running classes and parties in 11 postal areas. It’s honestly a dream come true and I adore the fact that teachers are running classes whilst being supported, nurtured and being given the chance to thrive once again. I’m giving teachers their smiles and self- esteem back and there’s no greater feeling!

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