The Village

It takes a village to raise a child

and that village is welcome at Popcat's

All a child needs is people to love them. It doesn't matter who they are, what relation they are or what gender they are, children simply deserve love. In this post we will explore the value of the village and explain why everyone is welcome at Popcat’s.

Mum's the word

As a mother I wanted to be the main caregiver. I wanted to be there for my babies day and night. But this isn't easy or even possible for some mothers.

Many mums struggle with childcare. They have to go to work and so as a result they have to leave their children with either a paid childcare service or a family member. This can bring up a huge range of emotions from guilt to absolute joy (getting to leave the house and drink hot tea all day has its benefits). None of these feelings are wrong, it's just all part of the natural rollercoaster of parenting.

For other mums, getting away from their children for short periods of time is vital for social, emotional and physical well-being. Children are demanding and being with them constantly can be draining. If we don’t look after ourselves we end up exhausted with nothing left to give. We owe it to our children to ask for help and take time out when we need it.

A community of love

When a child is taken care of by more than just one adult it has additional benefits for the child. Research suggests that children gain from having up to 5 adults that they can turn to for support as they grow up but nothing is an exact science. Every family situation and dynamic is different and as long as everyone involved in your child's life is committed to them, you can't go wrong. But it is worth remembering that if you do leave your child with someone else and you feel guilty, you can let this go. It's actually good for them.

Quality time

What matters far more than how much time each adult spends with a child, is what they spend that time doing. Quality time is an opportunity to connect, to build relationships and to deepen learning.

That said, it can be physically challenging to create this time when the washing up is piling up, the cleaning needs doing and you need to cook dinner.

What Popcat's can do for you?

Popcat's is not a mother and baby group.

It's not a class for dads, grandmother's, grandfather's, aunties, uncles, cousins, neighbours, cousins, friends or childminders.

It's a class for everyone.

This has been an intentional decision because we wanted to create an inclusive space where every adult feels comfortable. We know that sometimes it isn't mum who is looking after the little one but we don't want this to be a barrier to stop children (and adults) engaging in the class and experiencing the shared joy of a musical experience.

So if you are a grown up and you have a child (or children) under 5, rest assured you will be made to feel welcome at Popcat’s.

Simple, purrfect, musical fun for everyone.

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