The Power of Music                

Music is more than a pastime. It is a powerful force that bonds, heals and brings joy. Some cultures even use it as a medicine and here at Popcat’s we certainly see why. In this post we want to help you understand why our love of music gets us out of bed every morning dancing our way to work.

Music bonds us

When we see children and parents dancing together, connecting through a simple peekaboo song, we see for ourselves first hand that music has the power to bond us.

When we take our music into residential homes and we see the residents wake up and notice the people around them, we see the power of music in action.

The shared human experience of music connects us and we are not the only ones who believe this. Extensive, multiple studies have proven time and time again that music brings us together. It increases the happy hormone in our brain (also known as oxytocin), increases physical contact with each other and even strengthens our empathy.

Music heals us

As mentioned above listening or participating in music has a physical impact on us, it stimulates our body to release hormones that make us feel good. Our mental and physical health is connected so when we feel better we heal quicker. Studies have shown that music reduces stress and anxiety while increasing exercise and easing pain.

Music brings us joy

When Catherine (the founder of Popcat’s), left teaching to start her own business she had one main aim. To create a fun environment that she would enjoy as much as the children and parents attending. As the business has grown and become a nationwide enterprise, it's continued to keep fun at the core of every single class. This isn't a hard thing to maintain considering each class is based on high energy, highly enjoyable music, in fact great care has been taken when selecting each track to make sure it's the most upbeat, fun version of the song available.

We just love watching the joy on the parents and children who come to Popcat’s classes as well as the elderly people we meet when we go to residential homes. This joy is infectious and the session becomes like a happy bubble. All the stress and anxiety can be left outside, Popcat’s gives you permission to put real life on hold and just surrender to joy.

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