The Music of Childhood Memories

Memories can be brought to life so easily

There’s nothing quite like music to take you back to your childhood, and it doesn’t have to be Incy Wincy Spider and Polly Put The Kettle On!

Do you remember your mum dancing to Whitney Houston in the kitchen? Singing while she did the dishes, or spinning you round and using a wooden spoon as a microphone? I bet just a few bars of her favourite song brings back the sounds and smells of the kitchen, her smile and the joy you shared.

Don’t feel that you always have to sing “children’s songs” to your little ones. There is definitely a place for nursery rhymes and action songs but it’s also important to just enjoy music together, and playing the songs you love is the best way to do that. Why not have a dance party in the living room and bop until you all collapse in a giggling heap on the sofa, or host a karaoke style sing along on your next car trip? If you’re having fun, your children will have fun too and that’s what builds the best memories!

Safe Songs

The only problem with playing your own favourite songs is that they sometimes have lyrics that were never intended for children. There are a few ways round that problem, although it depends on what type of music you like in the first place.


1.Listen to the radio

Radio stations use a special “radio edit” of songs, which don’t include swear words. So listening to the radio should be pretty safe, especially during the day or early evening when it would be normal to expect that children might be listening.

2. Find a spotify playlist

Have a look on spotify for playlists like “Kids Pop Songs 2019 - No swearing pop songs” or “Kids Trap Music” (a wholesome rap album for kids). They may not be the exact tracks that you love but if the style is right, you might find that you enjoy it more than the wheels on the bus. You could even discover some new favourites!

3. Create a playlist of your own

This one takes a little bit more time but it could really pay off! You can create your own playlist, either on your phone or tablet, or publically using something like spotify or You Tube. Include your favourite tracks, you’ll know whether they are safe for little ears, and just add to the list whenever you come across something you like. If you’re looking for inspiration try an internet search for “adult songs for kids” or “kid friendly rock/pop/dance music” and you’ll find lots of suggestions, from Pharrell Williams’ Happy to Yellow Submarine by The Beatles and We Will Rock You by Queen.

Whatever you do, enjoy it. When you have fun your joy is infectious and your children will soak up that energy. Then, many years from now, they’ll smile when a certain song comes on the radio and remember how you used to sing it together.