Making Sleep Safe

Safer Sleep Week

It is Safer Sleep Week and it is very important to raise awareness of just how important it is to make sure your baby is as safe as possible when they sleep.

It is so important that babies sleep in the right environment and in the right position too so that they can breathe properly. Did you know that babies should always sleep with the ABC rule?

A is for arms; arms should be out and free from covers.

B is for back; babies should be asleep on their backs and never on their fronts due to the windpipe needing to be on the top and not the bottom.

C is for cot; babies should sleep in a cot or moses basket and not on the sofa with a perent or carer. Cots should not have bumpers attached as they can lead to suffocation.

Sleeping on a sofa with your baby increases the risk of SIDS up to fifty times.

Never share a room or a bed with your baby if you have had alcohol or been smoking.

Never place your baby to sleep near a radiator as they are at risk of being over heated.

A clear cot is a safe cot so do not place any toys in your babies sleep space.

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