Days Out


I’m running out of ideas where to take my little ones! 

‘Let’s go out for the day’, says the other half, expecting you to have a wealth of fabulous ideas on where to go just like that! 

With Spring well and truly here there are some lovely places to visit at this time of year, as long as you remember the waterproofs for those hard to predict spring showers!  

Free ideas  

 Public Gardens – there will be a garden pretty close to you where you can wander round, or speedily follow the children round possibly! You may enjoy looking at the plants and possibly get some inspiration for your own little plot or pot at home. They will enjoy the space and the freedom to roam!   

Beaches – if you are lucky enough to be close to the coast this is another lovely free place with lots of space to explore and burn off energy. Remember to check the tides which can be found on so you know how much sea there will be! Trusty bucket and spade can increase the enjoyment and the little playdough moulds are great to take with you as well to create sand models.   

Crabbing- is a very popular activity if you are nearthe sea and all you need is string, bacon and a bucket. Make sure you set themall free again at the end!   

City Farms- are often free or just asking for a donation.Often there is a chance to get up close and personal with some of the animalsand this is a lovely way to introduce your little one to a variety of animals they may not have met before.   

Museums- have become much more family friendly andinteractive now. I still have so many happy memories of the life size models atthe Liverpool Museum as a child and that was back in the day when you certainly couldn’t touch! Now you can get right up there and have a good squish of a lot of the exhibits and generally do a bit of crafting as well. The stuffy old boring museum is no more!   

Walk in the Woods – again there is bound to be some woodland about with all that space and freedom to run about. If you are lucky you may also be able to see some beautiful spring bluebells. You could make up a Scavenger hunt - have photos on your phone of things you want to find – a leaf, a twig, a flower, a bird, a dog etc and all go looking together.   

Popcat’s Class – perhaps you could even fit in a class first if this is part of your normal routine. Our leaders often share what activities are available around and about the class venues so you have some ready made ideas there!   

What to pack – the inevitable nappies, wipes, plasters, spare clothes, hat, sunstick, snacks, water, things to entertain them if you go to a café. If you are going to be out late then how abouts pyjamas so you can attempt the highly skilled art of transferring sleeping child from car seat to bed! It’s worth a try!!    

Picnic or café – this depends on time and cash flow!Pintrest is always a good go to for some exciting picnic ideas if you arefeeling creative. There are some lovely cheese and pickle sandwich kebabs that have quite taken my fancy! Food looks more appetising when stuck on a stick for some reason!!   

Whatever you decide to do just go with the flow and make the most of that time you have together as a family, that is ultimately the most important thing for any child!