Can My Baby Enjoy Music From Birth?

Music after the womb

Babies can hear music from as early as being in the womb. How amazing is that? Read that first sentence again! Yes long before they are born they can already hear. Classical music and gentle sounds like lullabies are both soothing and relaxing and what a benefit that is.

Why is music so important? Why do babies benefit from it from such a young age? A study has shown that after 12 sessions the babies' brain responses were measured. Scientists discovered that babies who had been exposed to music had enhanced pattern recognition and could better predict rhythm patterns. Skills that are essential when learning to speak, read or learn a new language.*

Music classes really do spark joy even from the tiniest humans because they may look like they are asleep or not taking much in but those musical notes really are making a difference. Studies have also shown that babies are stimulated most by music with a fast tempo that mimics their heart rate. All very fascinating!

Babies brains and neural pathways can soak in the huge range of notes, tones and words that they will later use. The effects of this can last a life time and are hugely beneficial. So next time you are sitting in the kitchen or lying in bed with your baby fast asleep, play some tunes such as; 'My Girl', 'Mustang Sally', 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling' or even 'Black Velvet'. All these tunes have the magical 60 beats per minute and will hit that sweet spot with your little bundle and the benefits really are incredible.

* Source: Mercy